Our experience spans 40 years of sincere work

Vilnius Funeral Home “Ritualas” continues its activity of the first civil burial service company in our country. The first block of the building at Olandų street was constructed and started its operations back in 1975; the second one was opened in 1986. In 2004, the Funeral Home was privatised.

The name of Funeral Home “Ritualas” was registered in August 2015.

During the four decades, we acquired valuable experience and gained trust of the people. Our company today is one of the largest funeral services companies in Lithuania and Europe. We provide the bereavement services, including bringing a body home, not only in our country, Lithuania (in Vilnius and other cities), but also abroad (we have experience in such countries as Belarus, Italy, Spain, Poland, Norway, Russian Federation, Sweden, the USA, Canada, and such Asian countries as Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, and others).

Today, Vilnius Funeral Home “Ritualas“ has over 50 employees, who are experts specifically trained for their jobs.