We offer you a virtual view of our premises. It is easier to be able to get to know us and virtually walk around Vilnius burial chambers.

Our job is to help people at the painful time of grief for their loss. We understand how difficult it is for them at such moments, and we are attentive to all who come to us. We sincerely offer them our advice and consultancy every day from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m., when one can visit us at 22 Olandų st., Vilnius.  You can also call us directly on our cell phone +370 614 45409 or landline +370 5 2153782. All the necessary information is provided free of charge. We also provide all professional services related to bringing a body home, visitation, and burial; we help you in your reverent bereavement of the decedent.

We, as well as you, take care of our loved ones. We encounter the pain of loss every day, and we clearly understand the meaning of the most important matters. Thus, we would like to remind and encourage you to be attentive and help one another, cherish our lives and our loved ones.


Our experience spans 40 years of sincere work

Vilnius Funeral Home “Ritualas” continues its activity of the first civil burial service company in our country. The first block of the building at Olandų street was constructed and started its operations back in 1975; the second one was opened in 1986. In 2004, the Funeral Home was privatised.

The name of Funeral Home “Ritualas” was registered in August 2015.

During the four decades, we acquired valuable experience and gained trust of the people. Our company today is one of the largest funeral services companies in Lithuania and Europe. We provide the bereavement services, including bringing a body home, not only in our country, Lithuania (in Vilnius and other cities), but also abroad (we have experience in such countries as Belarus, Italy, Spain, Poland, Norway, Russian Federation, Sweden, the USA, Canada, and such Asian countries as Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, and others).

Today, Vilnius Funeral Home “Ritualas“ has over 50 employees, who are experts specifically trained for their jobs.


We respect every belief and every custom

We respect the faith of every individual; thus, we organise tailored visitation and burial ceremonies with the participation of catholic, orthodox priests or rabbis. We also provide ceremonies for non-believers.

We respect individual needs

Due to good visiting conditions, exceptional environment and high-quality service, the building of the Funeral Home at “Ritualas“ at 22 Olandų street has been used for bereavement services for former high-level politicians and other famous people of the country. However, it is not only the visiting place for VIP’s. If you order a smaller Funeral hall, a casket of a different kind, a simpler decoration of flowers, etc., you can save money and still get quality services and have a respectful bereavement ceremony. Besides, we provide these services not only in Vilnius, but also in other Lithuanian cities and abroad.

We protect the architectural authenticity and continuously renovate


Our main building where we provide the visiting services is located in the centre of our capital city. It is a big home for funerals – it has the floor area of 4,300 sq. m. and stands out for its architectural grace and smart details of the interior. One of the most famous Lithuanian architects of the XX-th century, Cheslovas Mazuras, designed the building.

We perform renovation on the exterior and the interior of the building with respect to its historic authenticity. In cooperation with the architect, Jūrate Jankauskaite, and having obtained a permit from Mr. Cheslovas Mazūras, we renovated the façade of the first block and three funeral halls in 2013. During the opening ceremony on April 4, the priest of the church of St. Peter and Paul blessed the halls.

In 2014, we renovated our shop, and renovated the second block with funeral halls 5, 7 and 10 in 2015. They have become more modern, intimate and comfortable.

VLR_parduotuve2At present, we offer 12 funeral halls, which differ in their size and the style of the interior. The height of the ceilings of 15 meters provides the halls with more solemnity. Relaxation rooms are adjacent to each of the funeral halls.

In order to assure total respect and quality services, we offer, alongside with the renovated gathering rooms, a range of new and improved services, and provide a wider choice of funeral accessories.

We are a responsible and open company

We practise the principles of honest business: we follow the laws and perform our obligations to our partners; we provide services for fair prices, and assure good working conditions for our employees.

In communication with the society, we encourage the people to cherish their lives, take care of their loved ones and help each other. In accordance with our capabilities, we participate in educational and sponsorship activities as well as in life-saving programmes.

We answer your phone calls 24/7 and provide our advice to the people in grief. We participate in improving the awareness about free-of-charge services and remind the people that they can call on free emergency line 112 in the event of distress.

Free psychological support is provided on the following phone No.:

Vilties linija (Line of Hope) – 116123,
Jaunimo linija (Youth Line) – 8 800 28888,
Vaikų linija (Child Line) – 116111,
Pagalbos moterims linija (Help Line for Women) – 8 80066366,
Linija doverija (Trust Line for minors and youth, in Russian) – 8 800 77277.

We are members of Lithuanian and international organisations

Vilnius Funeral Home “Ritualas“ is a member of the Lithuanian Association of Bereavement Services and the World Organization of Funeral Operatives. FIAT IFTA