In case of a fatal accident in a foreign country, a great number of problems may arise. We know the possible difficulties when there is a need to bring a body home from another country; we have the experience and the ability to offer our support in such cases. We take care of all the required formalities, bring the body home and take all the worries off the relatives of the deceased.

Four decades of experience

We drive to neighbouring countries by our own specifically accommodated cars equipped with cooling installations, and we organise transportation of a body home by air for longer distances. It is a big challenge in terms of the knowledge in logistics and organisational skills. However, we have the necessary experience, and there are no distance limitations for us. We have organised such procedures from nearly all continents, even from a distant Australia. We have brought bodies of the deceased home to Lithuania from Belarus, Italy, Poland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, the YSA, Canada, such Asian countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, and others.

Procedures move faster with the help from professionals

Different countries have their own laws and regulations, which have to be known and adhered to. We cooperation with the state institutions of the relevant countries, with the embassies and consulate offices, with insurance and transportation companies; we have the knowledge of the procedures and it is easy for us to overcome the bureaucratic obstacles. The management of the documentation and preparation for bringing a body (ashes) home depends also on the type of the fatality (car accident, another type of accident, etc.), which means that the process can take more time and become complicated. However, it may be much simpler if you invite our experts to help you out.

State allowance

It is important to know that the state may provide you with an allowance to bring a body home in the event of death of a Lithuanian citizen in a foreign country. We can explain the regulations, advice on the necessary documentation to be obtained, provide support in filling out the necessary forms and submitting the documentation to relevant institutions.

Prudence, quality, respect

Due to our extensive experience, knowledge of the documentation and specific issues in logistics, we are able to provide the services for bringing a body home with prudence and quality. Our customers include state institutions as well as private individuals. We have received a lot of thanks for our respect of the funeral traditions of each country and the faith of the deceased, which is one of the key principals of our work.