We offer visiting services with respect to the faith, individual requests and possibilities. We honour everyone equally, at every step and as much as possible.

We take care of visiting procedure so that every ceremony takes place with respect and in an accommodating environment, and that the bereaved as well as visiting relatives or friends are comfortable. Relaxation rooms are adjacent to each of the funeral halls, where people may have a rest and talk to each other, have a snack, a cup of tea or coffee (every room is equipped with an electric water boiler, a fridge and a bathroom).

We offer 12 different funeral halls within our building at Olandų street in Vilnius. However, we can organise the visitation and the funeral at a different chosen location (in Vilnius or other Lithuanian cities). We can take the movable accessories for a person to be laid out, the candlesticks and other outfits to the preferred location.

1 funeral hall

2 funeral hall

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9 funeral hall

10 funeral hall